Auto Upkeep


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Rolling Hills Publishing, a family publishing company based in Missouri, publishes the highly popular text Auto Upkeep. It is our vision to create easy-to-read, relevant, user-friendly publications.

Auto Upkeep has been adopted by over 500 schools in the United States and Canada to teach maintenance, light repair, auto ownership, and how cars work. Since its inception, over 100,000 copies have been sold. Auto Upkeep is available in hardcover, trade paperback, or eBook formats.


Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook


Available in Paperback and eBook

Homeschool Kit

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook
The Gray Family

The Gray Family

About Mike

Mike has roots in the automotive service industry. He began diagnosing and fixing cars at a young age in his family’s service station. He has worked in automotive parts supply stores, towing companies, and service facilities.

After graduating from St. Cloud State University (MN) with a Bachelor’s degree, he implemented and taught a basic car care program at the high school level. During work on his Master’s degree at Illinois State University (IL), he was a curriculum specialist on a National Science Foundation project where he co-authored ten integrated mathematics, science, and technology books designed for team teaching. Mike has also supervised teachers in Career and Technology Education as a school system administrator.

About Linda

Linda was motivated to learn about cars early on by her desire to be self-reliant and save money. As basic maintenance and repairs were needed on her car she figured out how to do them. She could often be found working on her Pontiac Fiero and reupholstering automotive interiors at her family’s upholstery shop.

She found guidance from automotive manuals, her family, friends, and husband Mike. During her studies at the University of Redlands (CA), she worked with classmates to design, build, and test a hybrid electric vehicle. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Linda worked as a Project Engineer for a bicycle component company. Linda’s other interests include alternative energies, home renovation, graphic design, and writing.

About Aiden

Aiden joined our team in 2010. He is learning the basics about cars and can already identify many of the parts. He really loves building Lego vehicles, riding his bike, and playing baseball.

About Landen

Landen joined our team in 2013. He likes driving remote controlled cars, jumping monster trucks, having books read to him, and playing with his Thomas and Chuggington train sets.